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Executive education – practical, applied, impactful

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Dr Andrew MacLennan leads executive education sessions for many of the largest organisations across the globe and with top-ranked institutions including London Business School and Duke Corporate Education.

The sessions he delivers are widely recognised for being practical and impactful. They typically involve the real-time, facilitated application of tools and techniques by leaders – ensuring value is added before the session ends. 

Customised, integrated & focused

Andrew MacLennan draws upon his research and facilitation skills to support of discovery and programme design. It’s vital that learning interventions are truly aligned with organisational context and objectives – and integrated with wider organisation designs/systems and efforts to transform these.

This preparation drives programmes that are focused on the really important issues and provide the optimal degree of disruption to mindsets. It also stimulates conversations and engagement of key stakeholders (ideally including programme participants) in the learning and wider transformation process.

Top-down execution of strategy & bottom-up experimentation

The sessions which Dr MacLennan leads focus on:

  • translating strategy into action and/or
  • aligning proposed activities, projects and other initiatives with strategic objectives – often using a structured experimentation process to explore ideas and solutions


This approach supports challenges which are strategy-wide or initiative-centric. The capability to tackle both is a key source of advantage for today’s organisations.

Real-time application

Andrew’s aim is to introduce valuable ideas and concepts but also always build on these foundations with practical tools, techniques and processes that can be applied to reliably solve strategy execution problems.

Most sessions follow a cycle of:

  • introducing and discussing frameworks and ideas (with examples and cases)
  • direct application to organisation challenges
  • consolidation via debrief and peer sharing

Follow-up facilitation & support

Andrew MacLennan regularly follows up with participants on executive education programmes by supporting their ongoing application of ideas, tools and techniques. This can involve facilitating:

  • the development of executable strategy and the translation of strategy into action
  • the planning of change initiatives and projects – especially as these are emerging and being shaped (helping to ensure they are the right initiatives to achieve strategic goals)
  • the design of experimentation to test out new ideas
  • organisation design and performance management
  • the design of strategic performance measurement systems
Programme follow-up or inter-session work can also be supported by giving participants access to a customised online course.